Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Remove My Security Shield

My Security Shield is another fake anti-virus application that infects the computer with several  advertisements that tells that the application is an antispyware program. The My Security Shield virus will show a fake scanning process and will display false infection results that advises the user to download the virus protection and install it. But the My Security Shield is the virus itself. If an advertisement is click, the virus will be automatically installed on the operation system and will create multiple infected files.

The malware will create the following:


While My Security Shield is running it will also display fake security warnings that are designed to make you think that your computer has a severe computer security problem. The text of some of the alerts you will see are:
Warning! Access conflict detected!
An unidentified program is trying to access system process address space.
Process Name: AllowedForm
Location: C:\Windows\...\notepad.exe

Warning! Identity theft attempt detected
Memory access problem
WindowsErrorForm has encountered a problem at address 0x1FC408.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
If you see this error again, operational information can be irrevocably lost.

Warning! Virus detected
Threat Detected: Trojan-PSW.VBS.Half
Description: This is a VBScript-virus. It steals user's passwords.
All of these security alerts are not true and should be ignored.  My Security Shield aim at tricking the user of purchasing the anti virus.  If you have purchased it, we suggest that you call your credit card company and asked for refund.

To remove the My Security Shield

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